Mocean Mobile for Publishers

Campaign Tracking

  Real-time Reporting & Analytics

Real-time Reporting and Analytics gives the user the ability to track all facets of the mobile campaign. In addition to a convenient dashboard view, the Mocean Mobile platform features customized reporting capabilities to monitor performance from a high level as well as a drilled-down, campaign specific level.

  Conversion Tracking

Mocean Mobile’s Conversion Tracking provides an analysis of the number of actual ad conversions as well as the exact location of the conversion (i.e. sites, landing pages, URLs, etc). ROI calculation is simplified as the lead-to-cost numbers are visible.

Inventory Control

  Yield Optimization

In order to provide the highest fill rate, the Mocean Mobile platform allows for the streaming of over 50 3rd party ad feeds. This system lets a publisher set percentage desired fill rates or rely on a combination of auto-detected CTR, true fill rate and latency coupled with manually entered eCPMs for each ad network feed. The higher an ad network eCPM, the more frequent that particular ad feed is shown. Couple this with a full set of campaign prioritization and targeting tools, and yield optimization can be as automated or as detailed (or customized) as you would like it to be.

  Inventory Forecasting

Forecast your mobile inventory up to 6 months in advance based on currently booked campaigns, targeting options, and unique site/network visitors. Guarantee you have enough available inventory to meet a new campaign’s goals, and if not enough inventory is available, view competing campaigns and quickly adjust their goals to accommodate.

Ad Serving

  Enhanced targeting

Mocean for Publishers platform takes the pre-existing targeting capabilities of a mobile phone into account, providing advertisers with functionality based on

  • keyword matching, a user’s location (country, region, state, city and latitude/longitude for hyperlocal targeting)
  • mobile device characteristics (including platform, technologies support and manufacturers) and mobile carrier.

Additionally, the platform supports custom targeting, which means any data that can be captured by a user and passed in the ad request can also be targeted against and reported on.

  Rich Media Support & Integration

Expand your offering and increase a positive user experience with engaging rich media solutions. Integrated with the most mobile rich media providers in the industry, Mocean for Publishers allows for the most creative, interactive and high quality ads to be served on your mobile properties. Take a look at some Rich Media Examples.

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