Mocean Mobile for App Stores

Built specifically for App Stores, Mocean Mobile for App Stores provides opportunities for app developers to monetize their apps as well as giving valuable insights into how apps are being used.

The platform was built to support the monetization dialog between the app developer and the app store, providing all the tools necessary to simplify the process – from Ad Serving SDKs, to reporting, to billing and payment.

Mocean Mobile for App Stores incorporates all the features an app developer needs in a easy-to-use interface that will be able to adjust control based on permissions.

  • Utilize the Mediation Layer, and let the Mocean Mobile ad server do the work for you. Making sure you have the highest fill rates and eCPMs possible.
  • Use the Campaign Manager and attain a higher level of control by selling your inventory directly.

Both features can be used together or separately, depending on the level of need or resource availability.


Mocean Mobile for app stores provides ad serving software development kits for iOS, Android, RIM and Windows 7.

  Rich Media Support

Expand your offering and increase awareness with Mocean Mobile’s rich media for mobile solution. Plan a page takeover, an expandable ad unit, or incorporate video into your banner. Increase your click-through rate, drive conversions…get the most from your advertisers mobile media spend and improve the application user’s experience.

  Yield Optimization

In order to provide the highest fill rate, the Mocean Mobile technology streams 3rd party ad feeds. This system allows an App Store application developer to auto-optimize by fill rate or manually optimize by allocating traffic across ad feeds by percentage. When auto-optimized, the higher the fill rate, the more frequent that particular ad feed is shown.

  Enhanced Targeting

The Mocean Mobile platform takes the natural targeting capabilities of the mobile phone into account, providing advertisers with functionality based on keyword matching, a user’s location (country, region, state, city and even up to a certain block in certain cities), mobile device characteristics (such as platform, technologies support and manufacturers) and mobile carrier.

  Frequency Capping

Using Mocean Mobile’s unique Mobile Thumbprint technology, the system controls how often a particular mobile ad campaign is shown to an individual wireless device user. These variables are determined on-the-fly based on inventory and App Store application developer requests per second. This allows the Mocean Mobile platform to carefully pick and choose the best ads for better conversions.

  Real-Time Reporting

Real-time Reporting and Analytics are available with every Mocean Mobile product and solution, giving the user the ability to track all facets of the mobile campaign. In addition to a convenient dashboard view, the MAST for App Stores mobile ad serving platform features customized reporting capabilities to monitor performance from both a high level as well as a drilled-down, campaign or ad feed specific level.

  Conversion Tracking

Mocean Mobile’s Conversion Tracking provides a real-time analysis of the specific number of actual ad conversions as well as the exact location of the conversion (i.e. sites, landing pages, URLs, etc…). ROI calculation is simplified as the lead-to-cost numbers are visible.

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