Mocean Mobile for Ad Networks

Managing the complexities of a mobile ad network

Building and managing a mobile ad network can be a complex process. Mocean Mobile for Ad Networks takes that process and breaks it down into an easy to follow process that ensures your success in the growing mobile marketplace.

Managing Publisher Relationships

Each publisher requires different levels of support and the more publishers in your ad network, the more resources you need to expend to keep up with the rising demand. The Mocean Mobile platform enables you to provide each publisher their own level of control.

Campaign Management based on Real Time Reporting

Mocean Mobile customers can monitor the progress and success of any campaign through Mocean Mobile's reporting system. Permission-based online reporting gives access to real-time data that helps clients record and measure their campaign success at any time.

Why Mocean Mobile?

The Mocean Mobile framework was built from the ground up by industry experts to meet the specific needs of the ever-evolving mobile landscape.

With Mocean Mobile for Ad Networks, you get:

  White Label Solution

Grow your business by providing publishers within your network a branded, world-class platform.

  Mobile Framework

The Mocean Mobile platform was built to manage the high volume of a mobile ad network – it is a sophisticated system for dealing with the complexities of ad networks operating in the mobile space.

  Reporting & Analytics

Mocean Mobile provides the tools for monitoring performance, optimizing campaigns across multiple publishers, and making real-time adjustments.

  Self-Serve User Interface:

Allows hyper-local advertisers to login, traffic their own campaigns, pay using PayPal or credit card and monitor their own reporting. The network has the ability to approve or deny advertising campaign prior to launch and can be managed through a Publisher self-serve dashboard.


You can support CPM/CPC/CPA advertisers and Mocean Mobile’s system allows publishers to increase ad revenue by offering enhanced targeting, custom placements, and rich media delivery.


Mocean Mobile powers mobile ad networks in the USA, UK, India, Spain, Israel, Canada, Australia and other countries around the world.

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