Mobile Ad Serving Solutions

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Mocean Mobile is unlike any other mobile ad serving platform available. Developed specifically for mobile devices, the Mocean Mobile Ad Serving Technology streamlines the many moving parts in mobile advertising for publishers, app stores, and networks.  Mocean Mobile was built by mobile advertising experts so that the real opportunity of this exciting new media could be fully harnessed.

For Publishers

Mocean Mobile provides publishers with a robust mobile ad serving platform. Whether you are selling your own advertising, managing third party sellers, or both, we can help you generate the maximum yield for your ad serving.

For Ad Networks

Mobile ad networks can be a complex process. The Mocean Mobile platform simplifies that process by providing all the necessary framework, reporting and analytics in one white label solution.

For App Stores

Mobile application providers need a simple way to monetize their content so that they can be sure they are both maximizing yield as well as maintaining efficiency.

For Advertisers

Mocean for advertisers enables easy integration with brands, agencies demand-side platforms and trading desks to streamline the mobile media buying and serving process.

Mocean Mobile Exchange

Mocean Mobile Exchange (MME), the world’s largest mobile ad marketplace, seamlessly connects all Mocean Mobile customers through a streamlined supply and demand marketplace.

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